Monday, 7 October 2013

the sheltering sky

“How fragile we are under the sheltering sky. Behind the sheltering sky is a vast dark universe, and we're just so small.” 
― Paul BowlesThe Sheltering Sky

Are you lost ?

yes I am lost 

seeing the film again and after 20 years

what is left of me ?

after 30 years when I dreamed to be another

the way we punish ourselves

for wanting to escape

the white women

versus the latin women

the latin women versus the african one

but we where all just one alone

I just know that I felt ( was this a once more burgueoise dream?)

That it was possible

it was possible

I cry now

from a desk on english lands

as an alien


and I remember who I was

the mint tea

the market lights

and the kisses of the men

that crossed my path

as they where travellers standing

kissing lips after lips of men and women alike

their gazelle eyes

their musk oiled skin

travelling and loving

escaping for ever

the drums under the stars

and my split been called Nedjma

Hotel at Rabat 1986 picture Jorge Esteva